FO Friday – Graffiti 103 Hat

This post is quite a bit overdue, but there ya have it. It took me infinitely longer to write this post than it did to knit the darn hat. As always, here are the fun details first:
Pattern: 103 Hat / Jennifer Lassonde aka BostonJen
Yarn: agirlandherwool / DK base / Graffiti colorway
Needles: Size 4 (brim) and Size 6 (rest of hat)
Cast on: 3/5/2020
Cast off: 3/7/2020
The pattern page on Ravelry can be found here.

If you need a quick and fun hat to knit, go get this pattern. I really didn’t sit and knit for 2 days straight on this. It was normal knitting time, which for more has been harder and harder to come by. The texture pattern is easy to memorize and so you can take it wherever you go.

I knit this in my DK base, which is a SW merino and nylon blend. It is a very soft yarn and the texture in the pattern makes it extremely comfortable to wear. After I cast it off, I wore it around the house with me as much as possible. I don’t what it was about it, but I did not notice it being on and it was just the right amount of warmth.

I have no knitting mistakes or crazy stories to mention about it. I cast it on, followed the pattern and it was done in a breeze. The color is darker than it appears in my outdoor photos. The colors speckled in there do pop though. I love the teal and the gold that move around the hat.

Below is a WIP photo so you can see the darker tone of the Graffiti colorway.

This is definitely the truer color of the hat

Great fun knit! Check out the pattern on Ravelry and make sure to read the background story for the pattern. Jen dedicated the hat to her boyfriend and the union that he works for. If you’re interested in the Graffiti colorway, it is available in my shop! I only used 50g for the smallest size, so you don’t even need to buy a full skein.

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