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Updated June 21, 2021

Processing Time
Normal Processing time: 6-10 Business Days. Most orders ship within 3-5 business days. I have it up through 10 business days so if I am away from home, I have extra time built in without announcing to the internet when I will be away. During sales events, processing times may extend above 5 business days as well. Feel free to email me about when your order is expected to ship.

Shop Update
Plotzing and Neon Unicorn are back in the shop!
Advent calendars and Hanukkah kits are now available and will ship in late October/early November.
Next tentative shop update: July 10th at 10am ET. This shop update may not happen. If not, the next shop update will be in early August. Stay tuned for more updates about some behind the scene changes to the shop.

Mystery Yarn Club purchases will start with August clubs
Clubs will renew on July 20th. Clubs will ship in the last week of the prior month, ie, August clubs ship in the last week of July.

Dye with Me Club purchases will start on July 1st
Clubs will auto renew on July 1st and you will receive a skein from a previous dye with me vlog.

Coupon Code exclusions
Advent Calendars
8 Nights of Hanukkah kits

Please read the Shop Policies page before making a purchase at
Thank you for supporting my shop!

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