Superbowl SALE – NOW!

Waiting for the next batch of commercials? Stop by the shop and browse through the Ready to Ship sections. All items are 15% off now through the end of Monday. No coupon code is needed as the discount is already applied. Always free US shipping. All orders will ship within 1-2 business days. Enjoy theContinue reading “Superbowl SALE – NOW!”

Introducing… Graffiti

Graffiti is the newest colorway to hit the agirlandherwool shop! It is a gray/black base with fun spots of colors. I was looking to include a darker colorway into my repertoire that would still knit up with fun bright spots too. Graffiti has teal, rust, yellow and brown splotches throughout. It also has some lightContinue reading “Introducing… Graffiti”

On the WIP Side – 1.27.2020

Hello! It has been a while since I got a status of my current WIPs. I’m excited to share the projects that I am working on as they are all a lot of fun. Total: 6 WIPs (4 active)Knitting: 4 projects – 1 pair of socks, 1 sweater, 1 shawl and 1 blanketCrochet: 1 project –Continue reading “On the WIP Side – 1.27.2020”

Shop Update – Wednesday, January 22 at 8pm ET

Hi everyone! My shop, agirlandherwool, will be restocked with Ready to Ship skeins of yarn tomorrow at 8pm ET. I’m excited to offer more regular shop updates with ready to ship skeins. They will be available on the Sock base in 100g and 50g skeins. Not sure what you want to make out of aContinue reading “Shop Update – Wednesday, January 22 at 8pm ET”

Did somebody say Rose Gold?

There are three new colorways in the shop that you can order in any size skein and quantity. They are:1. Rose Gold: a variegated yarn with gold and rose tones throughout. (Pictured above)2. Pinot Knit-oir: The deepest rose in the gradient set. (Pictured below)3. Golden Hour: The deepest gold in the gradient set. (Pictured below)Continue reading “Did somebody say Rose Gold?”

Holiday Timeline 2019

Hello! Happy holiday season to everyone no matter what you do or do not celebrate. Now is a great time to put in your orders! All orders made between now and Friday will ship by Saturday. After that, I will be on a holiday break enjoying time away from work and with family. You canContinue reading “Holiday Timeline 2019”

Shop Update – Monday at 8pm ET – All the Kits

Did I hear you say… yarn kits? My mantra at agirlandherwool is all about buying the yarn you need for your project. Sometimes putting the yarn together is the hardest part, especially when you are looking online and you can’t hold the skeins next to each other. Well, I’ve sorted that problem out for you.Continue reading “Shop Update – Monday at 8pm ET – All the Kits”

Cyber Week Thank You

I wanted to write a heart felt thank you to everyone who visited the shop, favorited items and/or purchased yarn. I’m so grateful to each one of you. When you open a little shop, you never know how people will react. I’ve continued to work on it because I enjoy it and hope that otherContinue reading “Cyber Week Thank You”

Cyber Week – 2019

A quick post to let everyone know that the entire store is 20% off now through 12/3! That’s a week of savings on all your favorite yarn in my shop! What’s even better? Blog readers can receive a 10g mini skein with every order. Just add ‘blog reader – mini skein’ in the comments atContinue reading “Cyber Week – 2019”

Shop Update – Friday 11/22/19 at 10am ET

I cannot be more excited for this shop update! It will be Friday, 11/22/19 at 10am ET. You’ll find a list of ready to ship items at the end of this post. In this shop update, I am introducing 4 new colorways, Last Christmas, Frozen, Blue Tundra and Girl on Fire. All 4 will beContinue reading “Shop Update – Friday 11/22/19 at 10am ET”