Sock Blank – Sweater Weather – Yellow


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This is a one of a kind sock blank with various shades of yellow and browns. It has the text “Sweater Weather” and leaf patterns.


A sock blank is an already knit fabric before it is dyed. You can use the blank in any of the following ways:

  • Knit directly off the blank. You’ll find one end unravels easily. Pull from this end and work into your project without unraveling the entire blank.
  • Wind the blank onto your ball winder. You can easily cake this skein (or I can do it for you – see end of listing) if that works better for you.
  • Wind the blank into a skein and then wash it. This will remove the kinks from the knit fabric. You will want to tie up your skein before soaking it in the water.

If you wish to receive your blank wound into a skein or ball with or without the kinks – see my wind your blank listing below.

Your skeins may be reskeined prior to packaging. This means that I take the dyed skein and run it back onto my swift into a new skein. Sometimes I do this if it became tangled during dyeing or if I am winding a smaller skein off a larger one. For example, if you order a 50g skein, I may wind this off an already dyed 100g skein vs dyeing it as a 50g skein. The result will be the colors will shuffle and so they may not lie as they do in the photo. I will do my best to add photos of reskeined skeins as I can. If you have any questions, please contact me!

The Sock base is a 4 ply fingering weight yarn composed of the following:
75% Superwash Merino Wool
25% Nylon
Approximately 463 yards per 100 grams.

The yarn is dyed with acid dyes. All dyes are set and the finished yarn has been washed and rinsed. It is recommended that you presoak the yarn before beginning your project as some excess dye may rinse out. The photos provide an accurate representation of the colors on my screen. Please be aware that not all devices are the same and the yarn you receive could have a slight difference than the image you see on the screen.

For the best care, handwashing is recommended. However, the yarn can be washed in cool water on a gentle cycle. Lay flat to dry.

As with all hand dyed yarn, it is recommended that you alternate skeins. Even with the custom skein sizing, you may need or choose to work with multiple skeins. For knitters, I recommend the helical knitting method to avoid a seam.

The swatch shown in the photos is an example of what your skein will look like knit up. Keep in mind this can change based on gauge, pattern and the dyed skein.

Please consult the shop news page for current processing times. All items are shipped for free in the US with eco-friendly packaging! Packages under 1 pound will ship first class and anything over that will ship priority mail.