One on One Consulting – 30 min


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One on one consulting with Lauren from agirlandherwool. If you are interested in starting up a hand dyed yarn business, recently got started or need someone to bounce ideas off of, this is a great place to start! I will be happy to meet with you to discuss anything related to your business. We can chat regularly, irregularly or one time. Feel free to sign up for any available slot. Appointments are available for the current month only and the next month will open up one week before it starts. Appointment availabilities are subject to change.

All meetings will be 30 minutes long and conducted via Zoom. You will receive the Zoom link in a separate email after your appointment is booked. Once your appointment is booked, it will not be refunded. Please contact me if you need to cancel your appointment ahead of time.

During our meeting, we will talk through anything you want related to your hand dyed yarn business. The expectation is that you come prepared with questions and research for us to discuss together. Topics include, but are not limited to:
– How to get started with a hand dyed yarn business
– Discussing supplies – please keep in mind that we can discuss research you have done or ask questions about ways to research supplies
– Brainstorm products, new ideas or potential collaborations
– Etsy vs your own website
– Shipping questions

Topics that are not to be discussed include but are not limited to:
– Advice that needs to come from a lawyer, CPA, tax professional or other certified experts
– Safety precautions of the process of dyeing yarn
– agirlandherwool financials, business practices or any other personal information I do wish to disclose
– I will not be dyeing yarn or doing any demonstrations during these meetings

If you do not come prepared with questions or only ask questions that I’m unwilling to answer, I will not refund your payment. Please reach out if you’re unsure if your questions are allowed prior to booking an appointment.

Remember, this session is to talk about YOUR business, not mine. The advice and experience I have gained is due to running my own business and it will come up in our conversations. However, all topics of discussion must be based around you and your business.

I cannot provide tax, legal, safety or financial advice.